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Affiliation nationality
eco00035 ABE Yoshihiko Sapientia convivendi in Life of Suso
 – Narratological Perspective of German
 Mystical Thought on the Horizon of Love
 and Reconciliation


9/27 Sophia junior college Japan
eco00058 Alexander Haitos Foreseeing novelty: Bergson and
 Whitehead on Possibility and Creation
@AlexanderHaitos.doc 3

9/27 Texas A&M University U.S.A.
eco00072 Anzai Masahiro @The reflect of the war-liking of
The way to co-exist and reconcile
AnzaiMasahiro-final.doc 1


@ Sophia@Universityiguraduate@schoolj Japan @
eco00051 Bowman Donna Needle, Hook, Relational Wisdom:
The Prayer Shawl Ministry As Creative
 Engagement With Fate
BowmanEco-SophiaAbstract1.doc 2

9/27 University of Central Arkansas U.S.A.
eco00117  Brinkman John T. Harmony, Attribute of
the Sacred and Phenomenal.
JohnTBrinkman.doc 4

9/27 Commission on Ecology and Religion Japan
eco00076 Chen Aihua Environmental Moral Philosophical
 Review on the Logic of "City Charm"
Chen Aihua.doc 2

9/29  Research Institute of Ethics of Science and Technology,Southeast University China
eco00103 Egor Makharov Foundations of Dialogue among Cultures MakharovEgor.doc 3

9/27 Department of Philosophy
Yakut Scientific Center
eco00120 EndoHiroshi Whitehead's Theory of
the Sense of Peace
----What occurs on the edge of
EndoHiroshi.doc Plenary

9/26 Waseda University Japan
eco00069 Fan Meijun Ecological wisdom in Daoism FanMeijun.doc 4

9/27 Center for Process Studies China
eco00057 Hamasaki@Yoko @ @ @ N/A Japan
eco00003 Hanaoka Eiko Eco-sophia in gthe Wisdom as prajuna
viz. Love as agapeh -
through the change of paradigms-
HanaokaEco-sophia.doc 3

9/28 Professor emeritus of Osaka Prefecture University Japan
eco00099 Hao Dong
Low-carbon Technological Paradigm
in Urbanization of China@
HaoDong-FullPaper.doc 2

China Community Party School
eco00113 Henning Brian G The Ontology of Collective Individuals
and the Process Turn
Brian G. Henning.doc 3

9/28 Gonzaga University U.S.A.
eco00032 Hirata Ichiro 1 Continuity and Atomicity
Hirata_Ab1.doc 1

9/27 Kansaigaidai College Japan
2 Final Cause of Whiteheadfs
Process and Reality
HIrata_Ab2.doc 1


eco00046 Hirose Chuichiro @Toward a sustainable global
 society\holistic@transformation of
 civilization through adventure of ideas
 and practices
HIROSEchuichiroabstract.doc Q

9/27 International Christian University Japan
eco00012 Ihara Seiji A. N. Whitehead and Business:
 What to learn from him
IharaSeiji.doc 2

9/29 Kyushu Sangyo University Japan
eco00043 Iimori Motoaki @Reason and the Other-
Whiteheadfs Reason which adventures
 and Levinasfs Skepticism as Revenant
Motoaki Iimori-Reason and the Other.doc 1

9/29 Chuo University Japan
eco00115 Ishida@Masato The Environment Regarded as Symbolic
 Space:Expanding upon Whiteheadfs
 Symbolic Reference
ISHIDAMasato.doc 3


@ University of Hawai`i at Mānoa Japan
eco00104 Itow Shigeyuki
A. N. Whitehead and Ervin Laszlo:
A New Global Philosophy of Systems
Itow shigeyuki Paper.doc 2

9/28 Kyushu Sangyo University Japan
unregistered Ivan Brian L. Inductivo Process Cosmology, Transtemporal
 Identity and Eco-Ethics:
Eco-Philosophy and Inheritance
as Moral Grounds
Ivan Brian L. Inductivo-abstract.doc 1



Cavite State University Philippines
Guest Jai-Don Lee @

Thomas Berryfs New Cosmology
 and the Ecozoic Era

Jai-DonLee.doc plenary

9/26  Associate Professor, Graduate School for Life
The Catholic University of Korea
eco00045 Jang Wang Shik @A Whiteheadian Evaluation of East
 Asian Aesthetic Philosophy
Jang Wang Shik.doc 3

9/28 Methodist Theological University Korea
eco00061 Kachappilly  Kurian (1) Holocoenoticf View of Ecology
KachappillyKurianFullPaperforPlenary.doc Plenary

9/26 Christ University India
An Exemplification of eOrganic Extensive
KachappillyKurian-Community-FullPaper.doc 3


eco00063 Kim Hiheon A Korean Panentheism:
Ham Seok-heonfs Thought for Future
Hiheon Kim.doc 3

9/27 Hanshin University (S. Korea) Korea
eco00112 Leslie A. Muray Citizenship in an Ecological Civilization LeslieMuurayFullPaper.doc 2

9/27  Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Curry College, Milton, Massachusetts. U.S.A.
eco00090 Li Fang The Idea of Process Education in
 Whiteheadfs Philosophy of Organism
Li Fang.doc 1

9/28  Zhanjiang Normal University China
eco00029 Li Hengwei Contrast and comparison between
Xiong Shilifs and Alfred North Whiteheadfs
 metaphysics and cosmology
Li Hengwei.doc 3

9/28  Center for Studies of Language and Cognition, Zhejiang University China
eco00024 Li Sen  Eco-class: Harmonium and Creation Li SenFullPaper.doc 2

9/28 Southwest University China
eco00022 Liu Qihua A Preliminary Research on the Developing
 Model of Technological Sciences-
Besides Discussion on a social
 mechanism of Modern Science &
 Technology Policy
LiuQihuaFullPaper.doc 2

9/27 Nanjing University of Technology China
eco00096 Luo Xiaoping On Process View : Momentum of
 Ecological Societyfs Development
Luo Xiaoping.doc 2



Academy of Marxism, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences China
eco00073 Maassen Helmut Identity and Religious conflicts HelmutMaasen.doc 3

9/27 German Whitehead Society Germany
eco00048 Miyamoto Hisao

Fire of Prometheus or Fire of
C, Han)

Miyamoto Hisao Fire of Prometheus.doc Prenary

9/28 Sophia University Japan
eco108 MORINAGA  Naomiki Subject and Reflexivity: Bergson,
 Whitehead and Benjamin
MORINAGA Naomiki-abstract.doc 3

9/27 Utsunomiya University Japan
eco00004 Nagao Shiro @ @ @ Meiji University Japan
Guest Nobuhara Tokiyuki The Problem of the Two Ultimates
and the Proposal of an Ecozoics
of the Deity:
 In Dialogue with Thomas Berry,
Sallie McFague, Anselm, Aquinas,
 Whitehead, and Nishida@
The Problem of the Two Ultimate1.pdf Plenary


The East-West Process Studies Project

Keiwa Gakuen University(emeritus)


Guest Odin Steve Whitehead's Perspectivism
as a Basis for Environmental Ethics@
OdinSteve.doc Plenary

9/26 University of Hawaii (at Manoa) U.S.A.
eco00059 Okamoto@Dennis @ @ @ Aomori Public College Japan
eco00056 Okaya Yutaka @ @ @ Hosei University(Part time lecturer) Japan
Olusegun Noah Olawoyin.doc 3  United Missionary Church of Africa Nigeria
eco00053 Ozaki Makoto

History and Eternity from Tanabefs

Oszaki Makoto history and eternity.doc 3

9/27 Sanyo Gakuen University Japan
eco00062 Park Iljoon To Talk about Justice: Suturing
 the Whiteheadian harmonious
subject to the Badiouan militant subject
for the universal subject of ta me onta -
A Badiouan Responseto Event and
Park Iljoon.doc 1

9/28 Methodist Theological University Korea
eco00001 PATALON MIROSLAW Religious Education in Poland and
the New Paradigms in Ecology
MiroslawPatalonFullPaper.doc 1

eco00066 Quiring John Collapse or Sustainability? 
Future-Ethics, Eco-Pluralism,
and Process Thought
JohnQuiring.doc 2

9/28 Center for Process Studies U.S.A.
eco00111 Robert W. Smid, Jr. gEffective Catalysts for Large-scale
Social Change: An Argument from
Process Philosophy and Chinese
Robert Smid.doc 1

9/29 @ U.S.A.
eco00055 Sakai Tsugiko @ @ @ Tokushima Bunri University Japan
eco00005 Sato Yosuke

The ground as nothingness

SatoYosuke.doc 3

9/28 Chuo University Japan
eco00071 Shirai Masato Toward Being for Others, with Others ShiraiMasato-corrected.doc 1

9/28 Toyo University Japan
eco00007 Siebrand Heine The ground beneath our feet HeineSiebrand.doc 1

9/27 Remonstrant Church Netherlands
eco00106  Maria Teresa TEIXEIRA

We are in the World and the World is in us

MariaTeresaTeixeira.doc 3

9/29 Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa Portugal
eco00036 Tsuda Yoshio The essence of todayfs gECOh movement
 and its twofold danger
@ \\with Heideggerfs criticism of  technology\\
TudaYoshio-corrected-Fullpaper.doc 1

9/28 Sophia University Japan
eco00013 Umeda Kota @A Philosophical Analysis of gecoh
-under the guidance of Hanna Arendtfs
 gHuman Conditionh-
Umeda KotaAbstract.doc 1


@ Sophia University Japan
eco00081 Wang Shizhong Analysis on influence of ecological factors
 on China's primary schoolsf and
 secondary schoolsf  layout restructuring
 in minority areas 
Wang Shizhong.doc 4


@ South Central University for Nationality China
eco00034 Wang Tianen Ecological Systemic Process and
the Ways of Human Thinking and Acting
WangTianen.doc 1

9/27 College of Social Sciences,Shanghai University China
eco00067 Wang Zhihe The Second Enlightenment and
a Postmodern Green Lifestyle
WangZhihe.doc 4

9/27 Center for Process Studies, USA China
eco00085 Wang Zhihong The evolution of gothernessh and the
 presentation of ginclusionh under the view
 of Western intellectual history
Wang Zhihong.doc 1


Department of Marxism,Hefei University of Technology
eco00054 WatanabeHiromasa @ @ @ Otani University Japan
eco00017 Wen Hengfu The 85-year research on Whiteheadfs
 Philosophy of Organism in China 
WenHengfu-YangLi-FullPaper.doc 3

9/27 College of Educational Science of Harbin Normal University China
eco00084 Wu Libing The Ecological Civilization on the basis of
 Marxism Philosophy
WuLibing.doc 2

9/27  College of Marxism, Hefei University of Technology China
eco00037 Wu Xueqin Ecological Civilization WuXueqin.doc 2



Department of Politics , Anhui University China
eco00049 YamauraYuzo Philosophical methods and ways in Whitehead and Kant Yamaura,Yuzo.doc 4

9/27 Sohia University Japan
eco00030 Yang Fubin How to Keep A Harmonious Relation to
 Nature: from the Perspective of
 Whiteheadian Viewpoint of Organist
YangFubin.doc 3

9/28 School of Law and Politics, Beijing International Studies University China
eco00018 Yang Li The 85-year research on Whiteheadfs
 Philosophy of Organism in China
WenHengfu-YangLi.doc 3

College of Educational Science of Harbin Normal University
eco00082 Yang Xiaoming Study on Lightning-Proof Mechanism in
 Buildings via Naturalism Concept in
 Ancient China
YangXiao-mingGaoCe.doc 2

9/29  College of Humanities, Donghua University China
eco00041 YasutoMurata @ @ @ St. Mary's College, Nagoya Japan
eco00065 YoshidaKoji @The Significance of Whiteheadfs
 Philosophy of Organism:
Its Novelty and Universality
YOSHIDA Koji-abstract.doc 3

9/29 Sophia University Japan
eco00068 Yu Yih-hsien @ @ @ Tunghai University Taiwan
eco00091 Yuan Duo The Significance of Whitehead's
 Educational Philosophy in the Reform of
 Chinafs Higher Education
YuanDuo.doc 3

9/29   The Education Institute of Zhanjiang Normal University China
eco00026 Yuan Zushe The theory of human dignity of Marxism
and its practice in contemporary China
YuanZushe.doc 1

9/27 Shaanxi Normal University China
eco00010 ZhadyaevDenys From the Climate Change to Changing
Skeptics: gGenush Point of View
DenysZhadyaev(corr).doc 2

9/27 National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine Ukraine
eco00100 Zhang Yajing
@ @ @ Ningbo Adminisrative Management Institute
eco00097 Zhang Zailin The Great Change of the Human
 Philosophical Ideas Expedited
by Japanfdisaster 
ZhangZailin.doc 3


Xifan Jiaotong University ,
eco00098 Zhao Jianjun
The Analysis of China
Green Development Model@
ZhaoJianjun-FullPaper.doc 2

China Community Party School 
eco00101 Zhao Shumeng @ @ @
Beijing University of Technology
eco00075 Zhu Chengke From Process to Generation:
 Transformation and Establishment of
 Contemporary Educational View
ZhuChengke.doc 2

Bohai University