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    Room1 (3-123-1F) 

Chair: Murata Yasuto

Umeda Kota:

A Philosophical Analysis
of "Eco"-under the guidance
of Hanna Arent's

 "Human Condition"-

ABE Yoshihiko:

Sapientia convivendi
in Life of Suso-

Narratological  Perspective
of German Mysticism on the
Horizon of
 Love and

Wang Shizhong:

Analysis on influence of
ecological factors on China's
 primary schools’ and
 secondary schools’  layout
 restructuring in minority areas

Room1 (3-123-1F)

Chair: Ozaki Makoto


Tsuda Yoshio:

The essence of today's "ECO"
movement and its twofold dangers
-with Heidegger's criticism

 of technology

Shirai Masato:

Toward Being for Others,
with Others-Suggestions from
 Kitaro Nishida's "I and Thou"-

Fan Meijun:

Ecological wisdom in Daoism


Room1 (3-123-1F)

Chair: Hamazaki Yoko


Anzai Masahiro:

The reflect of the war-liking
of logos-centrism-The way
to co-exist and reconcile-

Motoaki Iimori:

Reason and Other
- Whitehead's reason

 which adventures and Levinas's
Skepticism as Revenant

Robert Smid:

Effective Catalysts
for Large-scale Social Change:
An Argument from Process
Philosophy and Chinese







Board Meeting

















 Opening Session



Chair:  Suzuki Nobukuni


Opening Ceremony

           Sophia University Glee Club

Prayer: Fr.
Jean-Claude Hollerich


Congratulatory Address

             TAKIZAWA Tadashi

 (President of Sophia University)


Introductory Address:

            Tanaka Yutaka

Creativity and Harmony in the Age
of Ecological Civilization


Keynote Address: 

         Takeda Ryusei

Birth, Aging, Sickness, and Death
in the Nuclear Age                


Guidance: SAROAD Shigeki

Room 2  (3-124-1F)

Chair: Nagao Shiro

           Fan Meijun


Luo Xiaoping:

On Process View : Momentum of
 Ecological Society’s Development

Liu Qihua:

A Preliminary Research on the
Developing Model of Technological
Sciences-Besides Discussion on
a social mechanism of Modern
Science & Technology Policy

Room 2  (3-124-1F)

Chair: Hongo Hitoshi,
Wang Zhihe


Hao Dong:

Low-Carbon Technological
Paradigm in Urbanization
of China

Zhu Chengke:

From Process to Generation:
Transformation and Establishment
of Contemporary Educational View

Ishida Masato:

The Environment Regarded as
Symbolic Space: Expanding
upon Whitehead's
Symbolic Reference


Room 2  (3-124-1F)

Chair: Hirose Chuichiro,
           Wang Zhihe


Ihara Seiji:

A. N. Whitehead and Business:
What to learn from him

Chen Aihua:

Environmental Moral Philosophical
 Review on the Logic of
 "City Charm".doc

Yang Xiao-ming & Gao Ce:

Study on Lightning-Proof Mechanism
in Buildings via Naturalism Concept
 in Ancient China

Room 3  (3-171-1F)

Chair: Arakawa Yoshihiro


Yamaura Yuzo:

Philosophical methods and
ways in Whitehead and Kant

Morinaga Naomiki:

Subject and Reflexivity:
Bergson, Whitehead
and Benjamin

Wen Hengfu-Yang Li:

The 85-year research on
 Whitehead’s Philosophy of
 Organism in China 

Room 3  (3-171-1F)

Chair: Sakai Tugiko



The ground as nothingness

Li Hengwei:

Contrast and comparison between
Xiong Shili’s and Alfred North
 Whitehead’s metaphysics
 and cosmology

Yang Fubin:

How to Keep A Harmonious
Relation to Nature: from the
Perspective of Whiteheadian

Viewpoint of Organist Cosmology

Room 3  (3-171-1F)

Chair: Hirata Ichiro


Yoshida Koji:

The Significance of Whitehead’s
 Philosophy of Organism:
Its Novelty and Universality

Yuan Duo:

The Significance of Whitehead's
 Educational Philosophy in the Reform
 of China’s Higher Education

Maria Teresa Teixeira

We are in the World and
 the World is in us

11:30-13:00   Lunch Time
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Lunch Time

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Lunch Time

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Lunch Time

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13:00-15:30 JSPS 

General Meeting



Plenary  Session Parallel Session Parallel Session Closing Session  
Symposium 1(Auditorium)


Process Ecozoics:

Philosophy and Theology
in the Ecozoic Age 


Chair: Tanaka Yutaka 

                John  T. Brinkman

1 Nobuhara Tokiyuki


The Problem of the Two Ultimates
and the Proposal of an Ecozoics
of the Deity:
 In Dialogue with Thomas Berry,
Sallie McFague, Anselm, Aquinas,
 Whitehead, and Nishida 


2 Jay-Don Lee

Thomas Berry’s New Cosmology
 and the Ecozoic Era


3  Herman Greene

 Process Ecozoics:
Philosophy and Theology
in the Ecozoic Age



Room1 (3-123-1F)

Chair: Murata Yasuto


Wang Zhihong:

 The evolution of "otherness"
and the presentation of "inclusion"
 under the view of Western
 intellectual history

Wang Tianen:

Ecological Systemic Process
and the Ways of Human Thinking
 and Acting

Hirata Ichiro:

Final Cause of Whitehead's
Process and Reality

Room1 (3-123-1F)

Chair: Ozaki Makoto


Li Fang:

The Idea of Process Education in
Whitehead's Philosophy of Organism

Park Iljoon:

To Talk about Justice: Suturing the
 Whiteheadian harmonious subject
to the Badiouan militant subject
for the universal subject of
ta me onta - A Badiouan Response

to Event and Decision

Miroslaw Patalon:

Religious Education in Poland
and the New Paradigms in Ecology

13:00-14:20 (Auditorium)

Chair: Suzuki Nobukuni
Saroad Shigeki


Closing Address:

Tanaka Yutaka

Helmut Maassen

Wang Zhihe

Miroslaw Patalon


Congratulatory Address

 Angela Yiu

 (vice-president of Sophia University)


accompanied with

Sophia University Choir



Room 2  (3-124-1F)

Chair: Nagao Shiro
            Fan Meijun


Hirose Chuichiro:

Toward a sustainable global
 society-holistic transformation of
 civilization through adventure of
 ideas and practices

Leslie Muray:

Citizenship in an Ecological

Zhao Jianjun:

The analysis of China Green
 Development Model


Room 2  (3-124-1F)

Chair: Ishida Masato


Itow Shigeyuki:

A.N.Whitehead and Ervin Laszlo:
A New Global Philosophy of Systems

Li Sen:

Eco-class: Harmonium and Creation

John Quiring:

Collapse or Sustainability?
 Future-Ethics, Eco-Pluralism,
and Process Thought


IPN General Meeting

14:40:-15:30 (Auditorium)

Chair:Hermut Massen 
  Herman Greene



Room 3  (3-171-1F)

Chair: Arakawa Yoshihiro



 Foundations of Dialogue among

Kachappilly Kurian:

Community-An Example of
 'Organic Extensive Society'

Ozaki Makoto:

History and Eternity
 from Tanabe's Perspectives  





Room 3  (3-171-1F)

Chair: Sakai Tugiko


Hanaoka Eiko:

Eco-sophia in “the Wisdom as
prajuna viz. Love as agape” -
through the change of paradigms-

Jang Wang Shik:

Non-rationalism in East Asian Philosophy:
A Whiteheadian Evaluation

Henning G. Brian:

The Ontology of Collective
Individuals and the Process Turn


Room 4     (4-184-1F)

Chair: Itow Shigeyuki


Brinkman John T:

Harmony, Attribute of
the Sacred and Phenomenal.

Zhang Zailin:

The Great Change of the Human
 Philosophical Ideas Expedited
by "Japan disaster"

Wang Zhihe:

The Second Enlightenment and
a Postmodern Green

15:45-18:15 Registration


Auditorium  Lobby












Coffee Reception

by Sophia


Coffee Movement


Plenary  Session Parallel Session Plenary  Session    
Symposium2 (Auditorium)


The Sense  of  Peace:
 Process Philosophy and
 Eastern Thoughts



Chair: Tanaka Yutaka
Ishida Masato


1 Endo Hiroshi

Whitehead's Theory of
the Sense of Peace
--What occurs on the edge of


    Kurian Kachappilly 
"Holocoenotic" view of Ecology -
 An Indian Process Model-


3 Steve Odin

Whitehead's Perspectivism
as a Basis for Environmental Ethics 

















Room1 (3-123-1F)

Chair: Murata Yasuto


Hirata Ichiro:

Continuity and Atomicity

Heine Siebrand:

The ground beneath our feet

Yuan Zushe:

The Theory of human dignity of
 Marxism and its practice in
 contemporary China 




The Future of Civilization:

Japan and the world after 3/11




Chair:Tanaka Yutaka 

     Herman Green


1 Miyamoto Hisao

Fire of Prometheus or Fire of Spirit



2 Yamawaki Naoshi

The Future of Civilization
 from a Perspective of
Glocal Public Philosophy


3 Yamamoto Ryoichi

Intergovernmental Ethics Panel
for Ecological Civilization
















Room 2  (3-124-1F)

Chair: Nagao Shiro


Donna Bowman:

Needle, Hook, Relational
 The Prayer Shwl Ministry
As Creative Engagement
With Fate

Wu Libing:

 The Ecological Civilization
 on basis
Marxism Philosophy

Wu Xueqin:

Tries to Analyze the Possibility
 Realizing Ecological


Room 3  (3-171-1F) 

Chair: Arakawa Yoshihiro


Helmut Maaßen:

Identity and Religious Conflicts

Hiheon Kim:

A Korean Panentheism:
 Ham Seok-heon's Thought
for Future Civilization

Alexander Haitos:

Foreseeing novelty:
Bergson and Whitehead

on Possibility and Creation







Prayer for Sufferers
of the Great Earthquake
 in Eastern Japan 

by Gregorian Chant

(St. Ignatius Church
2F Chapel of Our Lady)

IPN Board Meeting








(11-B Dining Lounge)